Is Your Office Workable?

Hey everyone! Sorry that these past two blogs have taken way too long to post. It has been a crazy couple weeks! Here are some minimalist quotes to get us ‘in the mood.’ 



I LOVE these two quotes. It reminds me why I’m going through this lifestyle change. How is your de-cluttering coming along? If you’re like me…it has been rough. It may seem as though your house is more cluttered than before. This process takes time and perseverance so hang in there! It will be all worth it in the end!



Today we are moving on to our office space. Maybe you have an office space or maybe you are wanting one in the future. Our office space is used in two ways – work and it’s also my music studio. So, not only do we have books, work documents, a desk and a computer, we also have music equipment! Here is my ‘before’ picture of what our office/music studio looks like.




This is what I called a cluttered-clean. Sure the floor is cleared and things look put in place, but they are actually just put in A place not THEIR place. Something that Erik and I both enjoy (though I never actually read them) is owning books. We want a small, personal library in our future home.  This is the one thing we’ve agreed we will not cut back on. Our home is full of books. From our office, to the living room, to Charlie’s room and even some boxes in the basement are full of books.  Below is an idea to have an entire hallway as a small library!



Something else that is difficult to organize are office drawers. Writing utensils, chords, staples, keys, gadgets – all of these things really crowed up your drawers and shelving. Here are a couple ideas to keep them organized.

Source: http://kelleynan.com/organized-and-functional-office-supply-drawers/


The office will be either the easiest mess to declutter, or one of the worst. When it comes down to it, if you haven’t used a specific office supply in a couple months, get rid of it. If you have piles of paper/documents that surround your workspace an you haven’t used or looked at them in 6 months, get rid of them. Type them up and save them to a thumb drive or memory card if you think you’ll be using it in the future.  The digital world is a beautiful thing!! Here are some extra sources to check out on how to keep your office organized.




Happy minimalizing! 


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