Love Living in Your Living Room

Here we go..Blog #3 on #lessismore! How are you feeling at this point? Are you pumped up to keep going? Are you a bit tired from all your hard work? Let’s take a second to read this motivating minimalist quotes:


Now breath in, and breath out. You are about to move into a great room to simplify for you and your family. Your living room!

Before we get started, define your living room. What is the best setting for your living room? Some families are blessed enough to have a separate tv room and their living room is just a seating area.

In our home, we literally only have one set up option for our furniture. Our furniture includes a love seat, couch, large chair, and a shelving unit. We have mounted our TV above the fire-place and arranged our furniture in a way that you can see the TV from each seating area.

Here are some ideas on how to properly arrange your living room!


Source: http://www.homedit.com/how-to-arrange-furniture-in-a-small-living-room/

The living room is an area that seems easy to keep clean, mostly because it has room to put our belongings in areas that cannot be seen. These areas begin to pile up. For us, we have a corner where I put my music teaching supplies, our bags and jackets always get thrown behind our oversized chair, and our shelving unit has drawers full of our mail, chords,  junk and assortment of toys. THIS is where we will be focusing our attention this next week! Let’s get organized.

What’s on your mantle/walls?

If you’re like me, you LOVE having tons of pictures of your family all around your house. I have found this specifically in the living room.  I was researching ways to have our family photos up without making our space look jumbled, and I’ve found that one of the best ways to make sure your home isn’t cluttered with photos is to have similar looking frames. Looking in my living room now I see 11 different frames/ways we have displayed photos.   Here are some great examples for setting up photos in your living room or anywhere else in your home!

Themed Displays

(Sources located underneath photos)

Beach Theme:


Source: http://little-inspirations.blogspot.com/search/label/bathroom%20inspiration

Black & White Theme:



Source: http://www.theorganizeddream.com/2015/07/friday-favorites-gallery-wall-ideas.html

All Black Theme:


Source: http://www.katecallahanphotography.com/blog/atwt-inspiration-to-get-your-family-pictures-where-they-belong-up-on-the-wall-4/

Creative Themes:


Source: http://www.alexamariezurcher.com/2015/01/diy-display-your-instagrams.html

1eee9092d00e520ac23e0055085a3c84.jpgSource: http://westfurniturerevival.blogspot.ca

Your Mantle

Are your mantles cluttered? Let’s look at some cute simple mantles that can still make a bold & cute statement!


Source: http://ww2.eurohomestyle.com


Source: https://nyde.co.uk/blog/fireplaces-inspiration/


Source: https://www.instagram.com/misdiy/

ALRIGHT. Now to organizing your storage drawers. As cute as they are, the box shape makes it hard to have an organized shelving unit. Here is what I have done with mine:


  1. Use them to store your DVD’s!



2. Use them to store some craft suppliesimage5.JPG

3.  School supplies/binders/etc.



4. And of course, extra space for some toys!



I hope this blog gave you some ideas how to organize & de-clutter your living room! Be sure to take before and after pictures. I will post my finished results when this entire blog is finished!


Next Week’s Blog: 

Is Your Office Workable?


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