A Clean Kitchen is a Happy Kitchen

Hi Friends! How was your closet? I hope you’re ready for this next project! It’s time for…your kitchen!!!

“My kitchen was clean last week…sorry you missed it!”

We are going to take a look at the inside of your cabinets and drawers to make sure that you are not in a space where you feel cluttered and crammed. Let’s do this!

1. Take It In

Step into your kitchen and take a look and what the space has to offer. Do you have a large kitchen? Limited cabinet space? Lots of cabinet space? Spacious counter tops? The first thing you must do is understand the room that you have before you begin to fill it with your belongings.

Lie: I must fit in the space I’m in.

It’s true, yes…you do need to ‘fit’ in the space you live in. But not EVERYTHING needs to be in your space. The truth is, you can fit just fine in the space that you’re in and still have breathing room if you get rid of the necessary items OR the multiple items that you own.

 2.  Debate how much you need for you CURRENT household

Something that I noticed in our kitchen was that we had enough dishes for a family of 5, when we are only a family of 3 (Erik & I plus our 1 year old Charlotte – AKA Charlie). My only reasoning in keeping the extra plates, bowls and cups was that we like to host families. Having people over to our home for dinner and parties is one of our favorite things to do. I then realized that every time we’ve had someone over to our home we’ve used paper and plastic dinner wear.  We had all of these unnecessary dishes that were only taking up space and stacked up in our sink when we were too lazy to do dishes. We now only have dishes that we need for our current family (2 large plates, 2 small plates, 2 bows, 3 large cups, 3 small cups, 2 ‘fancy cups’ and 4 party cups that we often use for sparkling cider and last but not least of COURSE we had to keep our Compassion Church cup). On the shelf above we have our plastic Tupperware and Charlie’s sippie-cups and bottles. As you can see, we kept 3 of her favorite bottles and 3 hippie-cups. On our top shelf we kept a couple glass tupperware and Erik’s coffee supplies. I wish I would have taken a ‘before’ photo. We had a ton of cups, bottles, dishes and so much more stuffed into our this cabinet. Now we have breathing room!image1.JPG

The next cabinet I cleaned out was my Baking Cabinet. This held all of my baking supplies. Believe it or not, I had 4 glass measuring cups, 2 different sets of plastic measuring cups, and 2 different sets of measuring spoons. I now only have a Large, Medium and small glass measuring cups and one set of measuring spoons. I placed all of my cookie cutters into one plastic container. It used to be in a large ziplock bag. I can’t tell you how much more I’ve enjoyed having them in this plastic container! It’s more organized and it’s even a nice eye catcher to guest. On the same shelf I placed my cupcake liners inside a mason jar. Not only does it look super cute, but it’s SUPER functional! On the Top shelf I placed many dry ingredients into glass containers that I bought from Walmart. The large containers cost me about $5, and the smaller containers cost me about $4. In these containers I put my sugar, powdered sugar, flour, chia seeds, cinnamon, and kosher salt. This cabinet makes me so proud to look at every day!



My next project in the kitchen was the area that I put pots and pans. One of the best organization tools was the wire wrack that allows me to stack my pans and tops up next to each other instead of on top of each other. Something that I noticed about this cabinet, we owned 5 cutting boards, 4 strainers and 13 mixing bowls. 13 MIXING BOWLS GUYS! What the heck was I doing with 13 mixing bows. I am now down to 3 cutting boards (1 wooden board, 1 plastic cutting board for chicken, 1 plastic cutting board with an attached strainer for fruit, 1 large strainer, 1 small strainer, and 4 mixing bows – each different sizes. Check it out! (I would apologize for the bruises, scrapes, and stains in our kitchen…but because we are renters, we do not plan on investing in a home that isn’t ours unless it’s something we can take with us to our future home.




TIME FOR SOME SINK ACTION! Your cabinets below the sink get crazy cluttered and crammed. Something that can help you get a bit more organized are the pull out racks that are actually created to go under your sinks. We get ours from Bed, Bath and Beyond. It helps us stay very organized! We also use the pipes as a hanging rack for our spray bottles.



As you’re organizing your kitchen, keep in mind what you use on a regular basis and what you only use on special occasions such as parties and holidays. Pack stuff away and out of your kitchen that you don’t use at least 3 times per month. Here are some more pictures of our organization in our kitchen!





How will this help you relieve stress?

The less stuff you have, the less your kitchen will clutter, the less dishes you’ll have to clean, and the more room you’ll have to breath! I hope you enjoyed this blog! See you next week for:



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