Healthy Living

I am turning my life around. Upside-down. I have always battled living a healthy lifestyle. Losing weight has NEVER been a piece of cake for me..or I guess a piece of cake has been the reason why I’ve struggled with weight loss. I never had a sweet tooth until I got pregnant with my little beauty.


Ever since, I not only crave carbs and salty snacks, but also sweet and tasty treats as well. 

I’ve been doing quite a bit of research and I’ve come to find that living a healthy life style isn’t always just directed at eating a strict diet and working out. STRESS causes weight gain. This is 100% my problem. EVERYTHING STRESSES ME OUT. From plans changing, to Charlie screaming, messy rooms – You name it – it has at one point in my life stressed me out. I have now decided to make a dedication to myself to relieve stress before it even happens. So…how will this work?

Though I’ve never been the cleanest person when it came to my home and belongings, I have noticed that when things are cluttered, cramped and messy, I get stressed out. 


I’ve been studying up on something called Minimalism. (Please note that I am NOT going to be a complete minimalist. I think the people who go way out in Minimalism are weirdos) I am shocked at it’s studies. The thing that I love most about this concept is this quote that I keep seeing – “Less is more.” The less you own, the more you love life. Why do we get so caught up in all of our STUFF?! Especially when more than half of our belongings don’t bring us joy and end up cluttered around the house. 

SO. I am dedicating my next few weeks to go through our family belongings and get rid of things that:

  1. We don’t use on  a regular basis
  2. We have multiple of
  3. We don’t even need


Join with me through this journey. Let it inspire you to life a life with less stuff and more joy.

Let’s do this together!

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